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Learning OpenGL

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hey mates, ive always had this idea that OpenGL & 3D programming in general is WAAAAAAAAAAY over my head... however, i could never completely kill my never-ending desire to learn uber-cool gfx programming... i guess gfx & AI are my MAIN interests in computer programming...

anyway, after finally graduating from college, and having not done any gfx programming in the last 3 years (last i did was a trivial project for college) i decided now i had the time to try and take a look... i found (off course) from google a lot of great tutorial sites about opengl, specially NeHe... however, there is one that i found out to be quite outstanding...

This site is VideoTutorialsRock.com... and as im sure u can already guess, the tutorials are video presentations... the site is really nice and the tutorials are really REALLY basic... i mean, they wont let u get any real hard core stuff, but they sure got me to grips with ALL the basics i need... better yet, with every tutorial, there's the source code which compiles without ANY trouble on any platform (Win/Mac/Linux)

I will probably go over to NeHe or find some other more serious OpenGL site (probably buy the OpenGL SuperBible) once im done... but for now, this site seems cool enough

just thought id share this with you and keep you posted as to my 3D learning adventure

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