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Map i made (Peace Talks fancy 1v1 Skirmish)

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look up where to put the file or go to your 0ad directory (on linux you'd go to your homefolder and then .local/share/0ad/mods)

and then extract and you should have a file named "johnnymod" and a text file with my information, than go into the main menu in 0ad and go click on settings and then mod manager and than enable the mod

then you should be able to create a match and play on the map, make sure if you want to play on the map with anyone that they also have the mod installed


the civic centers are very close and the players must fight over metal, there is a cute chinese village across the river (each players have their own crossing), theres a volcano and a lot of decoration and details around the map

the amount of food and resources on each players side is almost completely even, the map should be fairly balanced


my in game names are "__IHATEWILDFIREGAMES" and "DerekTaylor"

im also have learned how to work with the engines systems and import and create custom models and entitys, so i have already started creating a lot of maps with custom models - expect more soon

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