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0 A.D. Video does not work


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It just boggles me how I've been desparately trying to play that 0 A.D. video right on the home-page, but it simply shows nothing. I have the latest version of Quicktime, and I have Windows XP.

It doesn't work on any computer.

There must be a missing codec, but in that case it makes me wonder why the news moderator did not intruct us regarding what codec to download.

Anyone here have any ideas?

P.S. If I download the vide as in "Save As...", and then play it in Windows Meda Player instead of Quicktime, I get sound, but no video. But in Quicktime = no sound, no video.

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From the news release on the front page:

Thank you for your continued support of the project. We welcome you to visit for more information in the future reguarding special community releases such as this. If you have trouble with the video, try downloading the XviD codec HERE. If all else fails, THIS link to the smaller resolution video on Google Video should work. Share this news with your friends and help spread the word about 0 A.D.!


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Here is an idea to troubleshoot, if you have a Nvidia card, sometimes the newer drivers have some messed up video overlay settings that you need to go in the advanced panel and return to default. That might correct the problem.

But, if that was the problem it would be on other .avi videos you play with windows media player too. So, play another .avi and see if you still have the problem. If you do, try tweaking the video overlay settings.

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