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HELLO, I have a problem that for many will be common but for me it is terrifying and I can't find a solution. When I try to enter the majority of games I get the typical CONNECTION error, this usually happens because the UDP port 20595 is not redirected blah blah blah The thing is that I play by sharing the internet from my mobile to the PC, that is, for mobile data, I don't have a modem, I don't have a way to solve this error. The most interesting thing is that some players believe and if I can enter their games and play normally and My only telecommunications company doesn't want to help me. Is there a solution to be able to play without having to wait 3 hours for them to let me into someone's game? IT IS THAT SPECIFICALLY, BUT THE THING IS THAT IT IS 1 IN 20 OR YOU WANT MORE, IT IS FRUSTRATING, IF SOMEONE READS THIS PLEASE HELP I LIKE THE GAME VERY MUCH :(

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