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Hi there. I'm Nuno, from Portugal. I do and like a lot of things... I draw, I transcribe ancient score manuscripts, I play the piano, I translate computer games... and I also like History and to think. So, when my elder brother introduced me to Age of Empires 1 (before that, I only played SuperMario in my gameboy :P ), I was absolutely amazed. I didn't know that such strategy games existed (the only strategy game I knew was chess) and I got adicted.

Therefore, I'm glad to see that an even more historically accurate, plus freeware, game is under development. I've been following 0 AD progress for a while now and I'm eager to play it.

I've always dreamt to participate in the making of a RTS game, particularly in the civ design and unit/building concepts. Unfortunately, it's just a dream :D , since the only things I have are ideas, History knowledge and the ability to draw (on the paper).

(Anyway, I've found Mythos_Ruler's "Age of Antiquity" Project on AoE3 Heaven Games forum, and I jumped at the opportunity. At least I can be a civ designer! :P )

So... Good luck there with your project. I'll be here giving morale. ;)

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