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Hi From France

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Hey guys! This is Abi (as Im sure you all know) Sorry about ,y terrible spelling and punctuaction. The keyboards in France are very different fro, the ones in America and makes it hard and hazardus to type. ;) So yup! I finally got acess to a computer at my uncles house. Thank goodness! I was about to go insane! I got to meet my fam that lives in France. That was really cool. I cant speak French well but I am learning. Ny cousins and I mainly do gestures and the such. I think the think I sat the most is (forgive my spelling!!!) Je ne compre pas la Francais, Quai, qnd Ques qu to fais. I went to Paris this morning with Joe and my mom and we walked a lot! Very fun though! I have yet to see the Eifell Tower. I am staying at my Grandmas house zhich is about 15 min away from Paris. Im really tired fro, the jet lag! I gotta go to a Market for the first time. Dang! I gotta go. BYE WFG. Ill try to keep you posted best I can!

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