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Found 1 result

  1. To the point. Pikes get in the game a good bonus VS cavalry, which is nice an accurate, but it bugs me the fact that VS swordmen they are totally useless. If you have, lets say, 50 pikemen and 30 romans appear on that spot you are totally @#$%ed when, actually, romans found it really difficult to beat those factions that used pikes (Macedon) So... why not implement a pike phalanx feature? Like... if a pikeman has another pikeman right by his side they get a defense protection vs melee attacks. That way they could last long against enemy swordmen and hold them back, until their lines are finally broken. 1 pikeman alone can't do a thing against a roman infantryman, but a good formation of pikes should destroy any enemy while they remain in their phalanx formation. Hoplite phalanx and shield wall: If the feature mentioned before gets implemented it would be nice to also implement some variations. The hoplites are another unit that I find too weak vs enemy swordman. I know swordmen are suposed to beat hoplites, but they should resist a bit longer. If they are next to each other they could get a little melee defense bonus (much lighter bonus than the one for pikes, because pikes are far superior) but also some extra bonus on defense against enemy arrows. On the other hand some swordman units like the ones from the romans or the silver shields could have the shield wall feature, which is basicly the same as the hoplite phalanx, just that with even less melee defense bonus). This way pikes could last longuer against any enemy infantry and, in big groups, beat enemy swordmen, though they would still be weak against arrows and other missiles. And in the mean time, both hoplites and trained swordmen could resist arrows better if they maintain a good formation and would also make all great battles last a big longer. This 3 minifeatures would also help hellenic and roman infantry look more capable against barbarian ones, and at the same time making gauls, indians and iberians more usefull in skirmishes rather than in face to face large combats.
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