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Found 1 result

  1. Although France is a civilization that is confirmed to appear in Part II, and I am certainly not the most qualified person in European history, I think the 'standard' AoE-ish gameplay couldn't do justice to this very unique and fascinating culture. Although I put France in the title of this thread, this is actually just me randomly throwing out ideas on how a feudal society could be represented in a RTS game like 0ad. Some of these ideas might be unfeasible, overpowered/penalize the faction too much, or could be made into something better, so suggestions are welcomed. As I said before, I am not very good in French history, so I might (very possibly) get some historical facts wrong, please correct me if you find any errors. Brief History http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/France_in_the_Middle_Ages Wikipedia do it better. Gameplay Most ‘European’ factions can be considered 'standard' or 'balanced' , although I believe France lean heavily towards melee cavalry (knight) and turtling. Civ Feature *Feudal Society: The 'Civic Center' of this civilization is a castle. It doubles as a fortress. *Serfdom: All 'Female citizen' and 'citizen soldier' unit of this faction (except healer and trader) cannot move out of player's territory (or receive a heavy penalty if they do leave). Civ Bonus *Retinue: Every knightly unit of this civilization will bring along several (random 0~3) retinue unit with them, free of charge. *Couched lance charge: Gives very high damage bonus on knightly unit during charging attack. Civ Disadvantage *Due to serfdom, this civilization cannot perform early rush/economic raiding effectively. *Weak infantry early on (peasant levy and all that), but can be mitigated with reform tech. *Diverse but generally lackluster navy. Special Building/Tech *Muster for war: A special tech that can be researched repeatedly. Lift the penalty on citizen soldier temporary (see serfdom). *Tournament Field: Allows for a special 'Hastilude' tech that can be researched repeatedly. Each successful research gives promotion to a random knightly unit. *Steel Prod: Increase damage of crossbowman unit. (Available to all three reform tech). Reform Tech 1: The Crusade The 'Expansionist' reform that gives (relatively cheap) crusader knights, better infantry, counterweight trebuchet, and better resource management (thanks to Knight Templar and Chambres des comptes). Reform Tech 2: Hundred Years War The 'Defensive' reform (It was really a series of raids and siege after all) that gives you Dismounted Knight, Genoese crossbowmen, Pot-de-fer (arrow-shooting cannon) and bombard, and bonus in castle and defensive structure. Reform Tech 3: Compagnie d'ordonnance The 'Technological' reform that gives the strongest melee cavalry in the mod (probably) - the full plate armoured Gendarmes, as well as Franc-archer militia, handheld firearms, and advanced cannon such as breech-loading Veuglaires, culverins and so on.
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