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  1. Two things i dont like. Mill ... The model is good but its role is missed. Mill is for farms as far as i know. It would be better to add lumberjack and mine like good old Age of Empires 2 have it . Kennel, the model is good but add some eyecandy for dog training in that times. Other models are great.
  2. @ Mythos_Ruler: i would be glad to make some movies for the game. What kind of movie you want first some trailer with features or gameplay?
  3. Problem Solved. the thing is that i have only 200 mb free space in C wich is about 40 gb. so i cleaned it and freed some 300 mb and i tried to install it and sucsess. So if anyone expirience the problems i mentioned above this is the answer. Wherever you place the install dir the game first goes trough drive C and after install the space required is in the drive you set the install dir. Btw i love the game and i hope to see it finished soon. a lot of multiplayer battles are going to happen.
  4. I have a lot of space in D. and latest version of AVG 9 pro. My pc is a gaming rig. the problem is that the error is random sometimes it get error with dae. extraction and sometimes with dds. so as i said i downloaded the game couple of times with and try to install it over 100 times. i didnt had a problem with pre alpha versions.
  5. I have a problem installing the game. I choose directory in D:/ and then the game start to install but it come up with error: Extract Error writing to file elephant_walk_01.dae. i downloaded the game couple of times and i still have this problem sometimes it have :Error writing to file deer_walk_01.dae. Anyone who can help? Thanks.
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