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  1. I have expressed myself unclear, it isn't that Alexander invented the lance, but introduced it to the rest of greece, to my knowledge. It wasn't the 2nd row that had ingame overhand grip, but those further back.
  2. I belive the numbers in this matter are very subjective, and is besides the mainpoint that one should immediately see the effect of ones action, else "there's play in the steering". It's easy to assume that all high rated players would wish instant response, there are no logical reason not to.
  3. In AoE III, there was an almost similar feature, just no batch discount, but it was instant response time.
  4. I agree, it's annoying to waste time aiming with mouse, then click, where I can instantly click Esc without any effort.
  5. My FPS comes to it's knees when soldiers are moving.
  6. You are right,with shift training que it just takes very long for me, like 5 sec, before the training icon comes, and I didn't notice the small number of trained units.Imo the numbers should be a bit bigger.
  7. I belive it's very realistic grip depicted, when hoplits had doris (short spears) first row hoplist would attack from under the shields between the openings, 2nd row would hold the spears as depicted of the hoplits in game. Only when Alexander would invade Greece, he introduced the lances and all had underhand grip. On an unrelating sidenote, the clever thinga bout Macedonian phalanxes, was only the outer rows had full armor, in the middle they only wore head protection with a shield and ofc the lance, the lack of chest armor made the phalanx cheaper and could raise more soldiers taken from ordinary civilians, unlike other states where only select few could become hoplits. They could travel faster because of the less armor loads.
  8. Over the years I'v played loads of RTS games, and seen very odd things on release, even more sad either it took very long to patch or never got patched, so better safe than sorry - fence shouldn't show up as huge white dots on minimap, in any recent RTS it's usually your selected units.
  9. [disclaimer] I understand this is an "alpha version" and should be conciderd accordingly in the critisism, that there are many unfinished aspects of the game. Please forgive my relentless and unforgiving critisism, but the goal isn't to rub your face in the dirt, but help you make this game better. - most buildings but the angora looks like slum buildings. Grey dull sides and peeling off mortar. - icons are a mess, most does not give a clear idea of what it represents. Ie stavlos (corral) should have it's icon with a big sheep head right in your face, with a fence section behind it. - agora are 2nd to the barracks, bot illogical to chronology and plain logic. - war buildings are messed in between civilian buildings, seems better seperated. - queing up, some weird limitation 1 que/sec, nor any shift click. - rally point only sends villagers to designated area, but does not auto harvest. - harvesting live animals? - stone and mireal isn't excatly very clear, it's very suble graphics, bit like AoE 1 where people had trouble identify stone and specially gold. - super? Elite, veteran or anything else than super, it does not relate to any known (serious) title of infantry (sounds very silly). - terrain looks good, but have streched textures here and there, which makes it looks washed out and blurry, bad. - abies trees got an umbrella, looks weird.
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