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  1. Well technically any files would do, regardless of format. But I may not need the source files as long as I'm not to lazy to figure it out myself (probably not too hard to do). So I guess I'll just do some trial and error until I run out of options . Thanks for the help though.
  2. I hope I posted in the right spot. Anyways, I'm looking for the model source files of any of the models for the units/buildings/etc.. I've had troubles with importing the collada files (darn Blender ) and the lack of ability to import the .psa/pmd files has made me disappointed. Regardless, I'm wondering if you guys have uploaded the model source files (the model files BEFORE exporting) somewhere online where someone like myself could grab them and play around and make a few edits and what-not. And if they are not online, would it be possible for me to get a hold of a few units just to peak my interest? Any help is appreciated, even if it means that I'm just blind and can't see the files around .
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