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  1. 1 pseudo-word: Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Can't wait for the Beta! I'm VERY excited about this game.
  2. Is that how shallows are going to look when the game is completed or are you going to add more visual clues like how they had lilypads in Age of Empires II? Also, how will roads affect an army moving along it? Will slower units automatically move onto the road for a speed increase or will the army maintain formation? Anyways, the water reflections look amazing. I normally don't care much about graphics in games, but wow. This looks really really good. Sounds like it's going to be rediculously fun too. I'm sure this game is going to become really really really really popular once it comes out. Glad that it will run on Linux too so I won't need WINE.
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