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  1. The screenshots look awesome btw, when the alpha 11 is coming ?
  2. yeah, you understand it right. actually, 0.1 , 0.2 this type of versioning give more stable feeling, though its nothing serious
  3. This is indeed a great idea, the weekly news, let us know that work is going. Btw, this is my first time seeing a products alpha in two digits, ha ha. Nonetheless, the game is going to be awesome
  4. Well, it didn't run. Giving some wired type error. compiled from source then
  5. There's nothing on my mind. LOL

  6. Great News Gonna compile tomorrow in snow leopard The state of the game now looks near maturity
  7. 0ad now doesnt have a official mac build release, and compiling from source isn't fun for everyone, so i was thinking that can windows version of 0ad run via wine on mac osx snow leopard ? have anyone tried ?
  8. I'm Sarim Khan, a class 12 student from Bangladesh, South asia. I was very font of AOE series and that drugs my attention to 0 A.D, as i dumped windows and became a linux user it seems 0.A.D is the only and better alternative to AOE. Beside a student, I'm a developer mainly. I also like to experiment with new new linux distros. I'm a die hard opensuse fan. Most of the time saw sitting front of my Computer. I program in java and php mainly. Sometime also experiment with mono , qt/c++. I'm learning python nowadays. Thats ME Sarim
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