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  1. I would guess that instead of changing the limit, civilizations with a higher population (like you said, Rome) would have cheaper units, thus allowing faster and bigger production, but the maximum would probably stay the same. Hopefully that will be changeable though :P

  2. I hate MySpace. I recently found out how many (local) people actually have MySpace accounts. The name sucks. It's not your space if you're sharing it with everyone just to be popular (which nearly everyone does). MySpace is like an excuse for a bunch of stupid people to mosh together and admire their own blandness. All everyone does at school if we go to the computer lab is check their MySpace (my brother happens to have one too >_> )

  3. Releasing two versions of 0.A.D. would likely cause confusion of what to download for many people. The open-source project would not be carried out with the vision that the designers had originally set in place, and therefore would be a completely different game. This started out as a Wildfire Games production and will end as one. That means only to be released by Wildfire Games. Open sourcing is something that may be readdressed post release.

    Moreover, the game is intended to be a precise and exact project in game development. Going open-source would be like throwing a grenade instead of shooting a 9 mm. Also, as quoted from Stuart (aka Acumen), "As a project, 0 A.D. is not only about creating a great RTS game. It's also about learning what can and can't be done in the world of game development." With that said, turning open-source would forfeit WFG's dream of producing a game on our own two feet and the learning experiance involved with that. 0.A.D. is designed to be modded, so once it comes out, feel free to mod to your heart's content.

    SO anyway, get a move on please we want to see a downloadable game.

    Rest assured we are doing everything in our power to get the game in your hands as soon as possible.

  4. Wow, all of the images are awesome. David's drawing of that rabbit eating dynamite and Tim's Pentagram stand out to me especially, but they're all really great. You guys have me wishing I was a good artist. Keep up the good work! :)

    Edit: BTW, what about a music list? I know there are some musicians out there i.e. Cheezy. ;)

  5. We have to pay more for oil over seas, so logically we'll use ours more and run out of it faster, and then the places with the most oil (the middle east) are free to charge whatever the hell they want. It really depends on how much a puppet the middle east becomes. If they are ruled by people who are influenced by the U.S. high officials, all is well...until those places are depleted, in which we're entirely screwed. However, obviously there will always be terrorsists, and they will constantly be targeting oil in the middle east so...yeah.

  6. "a thing the current Us government, and probably most of the US population is not ready to take, imho"

    I'm ready to take it in. The government needs to stop being retarted and just get their darn jobs done, instead of seeing who can point a bigger finger at the other. You know congress isn't very busy when they pass a bill to change the name of school cafeteria food. (The whole "french" fry->"freedom fry" issue, because some Americans were angry that someone disagreed with us).

    My half-bro's girlfriend's grandparent's had solar powered homes in the 70's, so that arguement of not having technology advanced enough is crap. 0$ electric bill must be a nice thing.

    Unfortunately, oil companies/companies that use oil will continue to eat up oil, and eventually run out. Then we have no where local to drill from, and a war will most likely start between the middle east and the U.S. Oh wait, there's one going on right now.

    My rambling's done.

  7. Dot3 bump mapping (which uses normal maps) isn't very expensive in small scale use, but we're talking a huge terrain. It really should matter too much anyway. The tiles are very close together, and so per vertex is actually quite accurate in this case. It's not set for water either, and probably isn't even likely. (Trust me). Not only does it require more video memory and per pixel calculation, it also requires lots more calculation to set it up. I'm not BSing you by the way, I'm just trying to get it across that it can be tricky to pull off, and expensive in large scale.

    Imagine every vertex on the map. Lot's of data. First, take the light position, multiply it by the inverse modelview matrix, take this and subtract the current vertex which will produce the object light vector. Now we must take the inverse of the tangent space matrix (TBN->TSB) and take the dot product of each vertex's Tangent, Binormal, and Normal which will produce a scalar that will be the equivalent of the X, Y, and Z components of the tangent light vector respectively. This must be done any time the light, a vertex, or the camera moves(for the camera moving meaning rotating). Not to mention you have to calculate the Tangent, Binormal, and normal for each vertex. And then, don't forget to set up a cube map which returns normalized vectors instead of texels. Now you set up the texture environment to take the dot product of the surface (the normal map's current pixel) and the vertex's Tangent Light Vector, not to mention the excessive blending required.

    So....That's why we aren't going to have support for normal maps. :)

    I hope that ended the dispute.

  8. I'm on top of Sam; sorry Sam :). I'm in Minneapolis, Minnesota. If you wanna see me and Sam, you have to zoom in kind of far.

    Esteban--If I didn't know that english wasn't your first language, I would have thought you had just made a typo. Your english is very good. :D

    There are a couple of ways that could be phrased better, for example:

    Guess which one I am.

    Guess which is me.

    One thing to note: this may have just been a typo, but that is actually a command, you're telling somebody to guess, not asking them to, so it should be a period.

  9. They already have 3D videos, but not commericially. For example, Disney World has a few theaters with it. There are special glasses you have to put on though. And as for this dimensions discussion : TV operates in 3 dimensions, width,height, and time. So it takes a 3 dimensional camera to take a 3 dimensional picture; it has width, height, and time->it's a video. So what do you say to that? :)

  10. An IP address is basically the way the internet recognizes you; an ID number, if you will. A hacker can have tools to trace packets (data) that are going to and from their computer. With these packets is included an IP address. This is often called "packet sniffing". If the person has your IP address, it's basically like having a person's street address. Now if some crazy serial killer wants to come find you, he could, but how would he get in? If the doors (in computers, called ports) are closed or refuse to let someone in, he can't get in. An example of ports: port 23: telnet, port 80: http. When someone goes to a website, they connect to the server on port 80.

    As far as I know, hacking happens when a program running on a port (called a daemon) has a vulnerability. In our serial killer scenario, this might be that the door is left unlocked on mondays because the mail comes in at that time. If the serial killer comes at that time, he could get accepted into the home and have access to some things, or even the house computer.

    I'm not a hacker, so I don't really know any exploits, but if you have a LAN network sharing files, I would stop sharing any files you value. These are easily hackable via netbios.

    So based on this information, it's doubtful (provided that you have a good firewall) that someone can gain access.

    Hope that clarified some questions.

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