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  1. Ok will do that tomorrow. I was just asking, so I can get a feel of what I'm getting into. But implementing a specification shouldn't be beoynd me capabilities.
  2. Sure java script won't be the problem. However I have never done any scripting for a game so I don't know if I am up to the task. Could you expand a little on the concrete task that would be involved in this?
  3. If find this project quite interesting and I am considering on applying to joim. A saw that amongs other options in the application form you have "C++ programmer"? I have no C++ experience, but I have C experience and OOP (Java), aswell as various other programming languages, so it shouldn't be more than lerning a bit syntax. However I was wondering in what areas you need help, since you programing team is already quite large. Things where I could help would be: - Linux - OpenGL (not very advanced stuff though, no fancy-shader and such) - General Programing / Debugging - Greek translations (I am half-a-greek - Probably many other things I don't come up with now Things I would't like to do: - GUI programming (I don't like that very much)
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