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  1. *crushes lekythos in hand* Why are all you people obsessed with barbarians?! I think a better idea would be splitting the Macedonian empire into the Antigonids(Hellenic stuff), Ptolemies(African stuff), and Selucids(EVIL TURKISH CONSIRACYI mean Persian stuff). As for Romans: Julii, Aemilii, Fabii, Antoniii, Vetii, Scipii, Brutii...I know that it would never work, but just a thought.
  2. I think he meant a regular player changelog for large or noticeable revisions to the game.
  3. Leonidas did not have the patience to tutor American children. If the tutorial needs a main character, it should be more like Aristotle or Seneca. I'm sure you have a philosopher-ish mesh somewhere.
  4. I'm looking for an epic, all-inclusive, decision-based, historically accurate Roman campaign that takes place during the fall of the republic. Very few games cover this piece of history, but I can see a lot of potential for a game. Am I right? I can't see any problems with it, right?
  5. Seriously, how many people are going ask when the game is done?! I think 98% of the people in this forum need to read previous posts .
  6. I find it odd that your putting phalanxes in a real time strategy game that already has a counter system. Normally, formations are a characteristic of RTT games without any "x beats y" system. So are there any other tactics? (testudos, Cantabrian circles, wedges?)
  7. I am the last person to talk about game balancing, but I think that a lack of general-purpose swordsmen makes the Hellenic army inflexible(which it was, of course). I am just worried that a phalanx would be annihilated by fanatical Gauls because there is no effective rearguard for the Hellenes. Same thing goes for toxotes and peltasts. Of course, you probably figured this out already. I am speaking hypothetically, since the game is in development. Σπαρτανς!
  8. Hey, now that we are on the topic, can you clarify how the phalanxes work? Is it like you get enough of them and order them to form up? And will there be reduced mobility, strength against horses and camels, and weakened flanks? And finally, are there swordsmen of some type? Like hypapists?
  9. Just out of curiosity, how do the sub-factions work? Is it like you choose if you want to be Celt/Briton or independent/Macedonian in the beginning of the game? Or do have to reach a certain point in the game to choose?
  10. I love what you did to the concept of Hellas. It looks like someone finally realized that Macedon and the city-states don't belong in the same category. There is still a problem, though: there is no representation of Epiros. I'm sure that somewhere in your history articles is something about King Pyrrhus. Since the game involves Romans inevitably fighting the Hellenes, it would make sense to differentiate between the southern city-states and Epiros. Just a suggestion. I personally think that 2 factions is enough. It is just good to remember that not all of Hellenic glory can be divided into 2 regions. yiasou!
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