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  1. Eignlik e gieder geliek, wit je... Vele speln zien vree goed en de latstn allianche zoe wel goed zien me zovele coole diengn derin

    you don't make much sense :brow:

    Eigenlijk ? ieder gelijk, weet je... Veel spellen zijn vrij goed en de laatste alliantie zou wel goed zijn met zoveel coole dingen erin

    I think you mean something like this, but grammar is still way bad

    btw Adam if you like it or not, most RTS games have the same features lately with only a few changes no real new innovating features

    there are only I few real games that stand out I think, like Medieval not only has it massive amount of units, but it's very realistic in combat

    you can win with lot less units if you use a good strategy, I won with 900 units againt 2300 a few days ago, because my strategy was a lot better

    I crushed there flanks and killed there general, while my chivilic man-at-arms where charging head on

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