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  1. At least boost-1.37.0 contains this file and I'm sure 1.39.0 as well. Did you set your boost profile properly? Try: eselect boost list Pick the most recent version and set your profile. E.g.: eselect boost set 2
  2. The symlink is usually created by ldconfig and if not (you may try to run ldconfig yourself) for whatever reason just create one. "-lboost_system-mt" is like: link libboost_system-mt.so
  3. Usually it isn't that difficult, at least as long as you have basic linux knowledge. I suggest to try what janwas has already mentioned. Try ./update-workspaces.sh --without-pch and build again (of course do a 'make clean' first).
  4. Please paste '~/trunk/build/workspaces/gcc/graphics.make'. And also please do: cd ~/trunk/build/workspaces ./update-workspaces.sh --verbose cd gcc make
  5. please read what you type. you tried to cd into /build which does not exist usually so you have to remove the slash. cd ~/trunk svn revert libraries/spidermonkey/src/build.sh svn up cd build/workspaces CFLAGS="-I/usr/include/nspr" ./update-workspaces.sh cd gcc make
  6. p *EDIT if you're at the point where you need to run ./update-workspaces.sh type this: CFLAGS="-I/usr/include/nspr" ./update-workspaces.sh
  7. Do it again with: cd ~/trunk svn up cd build/workspaces ./update-workspaces.sh cd gcc make clean all
  8. cd ../../.. svn up cd build/workspaces ./update-workspaces.sh cd gcc make
  9. Yeah, it looks good so far. Now go into gcc/ and try building the game itself. cd gcc make
  10. Try this: open 'libraries/spidermonkey/src/build.sh' with your editor. take a look at line 33 change it from: to: then go back into 'build/workspaces/' and type again: ./update-workspaces.sh
  11. darn! you should do that in the build dir of 0ad you already did that sometimes.... and you don't need to build as root!
  12. so nspr-config has the wrong include path, please take a look at your distribution bug database and file a new bug if needed (except you've installed it yourself). you can try this as workaround: CFLAGS="-I/usr/include/nspr" make or even install a newer version or so where this problem might be fixed.
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