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  1. Hi everyone. I wanna talk about a little issue here. In one of my games, I played and won against the user named ITALIANEMPEROR. He first refused to resign, escaped with 8 cavalry in the map, against me with full army. Meanwhile he called me coward and accused me with bunch of stuff. Asked for re. Finally he resigned, then chased me in chat for revenge. Calling me with names and to provocating me. I'm adding the ss, check the chat and the game name that he created. I refused to play with him again because of his bad resign behaviour. Next day I played with someone else called aron245, 1v1. ITALIANEMPEROR joined the game as an observer. aron245 won the game. And the day after, aron245 confessed me that he was actually ITALIANEMPEROR. I'm adding the chats as ss. Obviously he spy the game to win. He is clearly obsessed. I think it's important to be aware of such toxic players and maybe prevent them to create troubles in the game. @user1
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