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  1. Hello, Thank you, I find the correct folder, however I copy the local.cfg file, and nothing change, I also try to change some other config like windowed = true and that worked when I change the user.cfg file, but not the hidpi, the game still blurry. Sorry if I am doing some obvious mistake. UPDATE: I guess it is important to say that I donĀ“t have any problem with the gui scale, but since hidpi don't appears to do anything, everything in the game is blurry and pixelated, but full screen.
  2. Yeah but in Mac there is not such thing as user.cfg in the config folder. But in any case, I try with the local.cfg and default.cfg in the same folder, later changing the line in default.cfg (I know is no recommended to do that), and then I erase default.cfg and left local.cfg and vice versa, and nope, no changing in the game. ANd now, I did what the default.cfg file said, and I have the two files, but anything change. So, I try every combination, changing the line in one file, in both, with just one file, with both, and nope
  3. I think Im using the a26 one. But yes, I manage to find the config folder and I do what the default.cfg said. No changes in the game. Any other suggestion?
  4. Hello, I did a personal configuration as the "default.cfg" file said, so I copy the default file, I change the name to "local.cfg", and I change the 62 line: "hidpi= false" to "hidpi= true", but when I start the game, it appers nothing change, I do the same activating the window mode in "local.cfg", but same thing, nothing change. Any suggestion? (Sorry, English not my first language) https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ly21h63ugsthyf/Captura de Pantalla 2023-06-06 a la(s) 22.38.05.png?dl=0
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