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  1. @nwtour [ 1.142] You are using 'softpipe' driver, expect very poor performance! [ 1.142] If possible install a proper graphics driver or your hardware. game returns about 0.05 frames per second, its not able to run the campaign
  2. I was able to play on Thinkpad R500 with 2gb RAM (btw its info below) graphics_settings.txt R500-system_info.txt
  3. When the download of a game or training company reaches 100%, the game crashes without leaving crashlog.txt. interestinglog.html is empty Sorry for the low fps screenrecord.mp4 xorglog.txt system_info.txt Pyrogenesis Log.html userreport_hwdetect.txt
  4. Thank you! Now i can enjoy 0ad all night over!
  5. Same error. i also tried unzip to mods dir list of /usr/share/0ad/data/mods/public directory:
  6. cool, but where can i find public.zip? I didn't see it in the discussion and tickets, only patches to the source code
  7. Trying to run 0ad I get error 75. Is it because I have a 32 bit system or my video card doesn't support OpenGl 2? here`s crashlog.txt:
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