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  1. Lobby: Eternal_Blizzard Offender: delege88 Left the game when he was losing. Thank you user1 commands.txt
  2. Lobby: Eternal Blizzard Offender: delege88 Player exit after losing. Thank you user1. commands.txt
  3. Lobby: Eternal Blizzard Offender: Urbannoki The payer exit the game when he lost. commands.txt
  4. Lobby: Eternal Blizzard Offender: emapis The player exit the game at the end. commands.txt
  5. Lobby: Eternal Blizzard Offender: ali70 He left the game at the end. Thank you. commands.txt
  6. The player exit when he was loosing. Lobby: Eternal Blizzard Offender: DalieLama Thank you. commands.txt
  7. Hey user1, The player quit when he was loosing. Lobby: Eternal Blizzard Offender: Manas123 Thank you as always for your help. commands.txt
  8. I destroyed all his structure and won but the rating didn't happen. Lobby: Eternal_Blizzard Offender: Thomas13012m commands.txt
  9. I didn't knew we could report. Thank you in advance for this. Few weeks back I was playing with Nothing22595 he was losing at the end. I destroyed almost all of his structures. Then he started asking me for stones I didn't reply. He became angry and exit from the game. He said "why you didn't gave me stone". After he started abusing me and my family. I stopped playing with him after that but whenever he comes online he visits my lobby and starts abusing me and leaves. My lobby: Eternal_Blizzard Offender: Nothing22595 commands.txt
  10. My opponent exit after I defeated him! Me: Eternal_Blizzard Oppponent: egypt_man commands.txt
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