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  1. Lol thanks a lot I'll try tweaking more with the permission ( I may be wrong but I setted the permission to write, but it still don't allow me to do so). Else I'll do the mod, and wait for the A25 xD
  2. It still says zip I/O error: Read-only file system zip error: Could not create output file (/snap/0ad etc to public.zip) The 24, in fact I was trying to apply the patch provided, but I'm still a noob at Linux and I'm having some difficulties xD
  3. Thanks for the command. Problem is, I found iber.json inside a protected zip. I can extract the file from it (on the desktop or another folder, not the one it is in) but I cannot put the new file inside again (I think because it's from snap?)
  4. I don't understand how to apply the patch (using Linux). I cannot modify directly the file as it is "only read" and I cannot made it modifiable.
  5. I found the file with the error but I am unable to apply the patch to it Not a gigantic problem though, I will enjoy iberians on the casual maps meanwhile
  6. Hello, is there somewhere a list of the maps in which Iberian does have their starting walls? I was exploring a little and noticed that they are only in casual and not skirmish, and some even have the walls not completed or even just the cornerstones. Also, there is some balancing reason behind them not appearing in skirmish maps? I'm new and curious sorry if it is a stupid question
  7. No, giving permission does not solve the problems, the error is still there. I installed the snap store also, but still...
  8. It is the one I downloaded from here: https://snapcraft.io/install/0ad/ubuntu I will try the permissions and update you with what happens
  9. Hello. I just installed the game via snap, on Lubuntu 20.04. When I start the game I get this error message CConfigDB: :WriteFile(): CreateFile "config/user.cfg" failed (error: -110300) that appears again if I start a match. Also the map is tilted vertically or something, with no way to move around the view
  10. Oh thanks, this worked. So the full name is 0 AD Empires Ascendant now? It downloaded a new version with a mod manager like thing Edit: I am having an error message, posting it on feedback section
  11. Hi all! I am a new player, tried the game some years ago, and now I got back on Linux and saw it there, so gave it another go. It has really improved a lot, this time I will follow it with great interest! I love the...well the love, sorry for the repetition, put in this game. I am a fan of all AoE, Rise of Nations etc so I'm excited to delve into 0 AD. Hope to see a campaign soon Also, seems like I re joined at the right time, a big new version has just came out, am I right? I will try to find it, seems that the repository version is still an older one. Well, happy to be
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