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  1. Yes I'm a windows user. Yes, that is the exact issue that I'm having my replays are missing the commands.txt file. EDIT: It was my anti virus messing about, all fixed now. Thanks so much!
  2. Update: After downloading other people's replays and putting them in the folder I'm able to watch their replays but mine fail to show up, the only difference seems to be I'm missing a 'commands.txt' file in my replays. Any help would be appreciated, apologies for the double post
  3. I think I read the wrong thing, my windows users doesn't have special characters. I've tried reinstalling in different locations, it's odd that the Replays are saving to the correct folder but IN-GAME they don't show up. Saved Games are saved in the same location and they show up IN-GAME correctly but the replays don't show up. Is there something I could do to maybe fix this?
  4. Would the @ symbol be considered a special character? & is there a way around this lol
  5. Thanks for the reply, by session name do you mean my name in-game? It's the same as the forums just "Sengo" should I try changing it?
  6. The replays are saving to Documents/My Games/0 a.d/replays but I'm unable to open them in-game, I get an error/warning message that says "Replay File not found" Any help would be appreciated EDIT: Replays are saving to Documents/My Games/0ad/replays, my replays save but are missing 'commands.txt' file. I'm able to download and watch other replays. The issue seems to be my replays not having a commands.txt file with them. EDIT2: Thanks for the help everyone! It was my ANTI VIRUS being weird, I added an exception for 0 A.D and now my replays have their commands.txt and I can watch my o
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