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  1. Appreciate you sending me the link! Unfortunately, that did not solve my problem... As you can see, even after running the script (without errors) to version 7, this is the error I am getting - < pmp File_OpenFailed >
  2. Based on the wiki: Getting Started with Reinforcement Learning, I have been unsuccessfully trying to execute the scenarios and train the model. The code keeps failing when trying to load the maps from zero_ad_rl. The maps zipped as "0ad_rl_maps.zip" give out either of the two errors: Unable to load textures - too old - (Temp fix by changing the scenario version from 6 to 7 (as is the current FILE_READ_VERSION in source code)). Unable to load map - check application logs (which basically throws .pmp File_OpenFailed error) Since I am new to the modding part of this, can anyone pl
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