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  1. Ah, I haven't tried passive, just stand ground. That does make sense though!
  2. I'd just rather they manually deployed when I clicked the button or told them to attack something so I can get them placed where I want before they spend the time deploying. I loose them all the time because I tell them to move, an enemy attacks and they start auto-deploying and I can't get them back behind my troops before they get killed.
  3. I just missed the last line of the loading tips on the Blacksmith that said something about garrisoning troops there (darn SSDs! ) Is there a benefit, like faster research or something?
  4. Thanks! So I guess that's my question, if the default volumes are louder than normal, because this particular sound effect seems extra loud. I've been messing with modding the XML file it but haven't really seen a difference in volume, the latest try being set to 0, so I'm obviously doing something wrong but hopefully get it figured out soon. Does a save game get changed by updated mod files? For example, if I change the volume setting in the mod, then reload the game does it get the data from the mod still or is the data saved in the save game?
  5. I finally got driven nuts by the constant impact sound and went to go mod it, but I think I found an error that is making the sound so loud. It looks like the file is missing the GainUpper and GainLower entries. I suspect this defaults to 1 or something when that is missing? I see other files range from 0.4 to 0.5 when they have the random volume option enabled. I haven't made the mod yet, but figured I'd mention it here.
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