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  1. Hello @user1, I (devilhook) play again 3 times rated 1vs1 with players who left the game wihout resign : devilhook vs thedwarf devilhook vs Fortun (twice) Thanks for your work. metadata.json metadata.json commands.txt metadata.json commands.txt commands.txt
  2. Hello @user1 Two players didn't resign again in 1vs1 rated games SaitiSpa and Maceatical Could I get my points, please? best regards devilhook metadata.json commands.txt commands.txt metadata.json
  3. Hello @user I already post this problem to another topic : https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/38008-didnt-receive-points-after-win-in-1vs1/?tab=comments#comment-422705 I red today that I have to post here. I'm sorry to have posted in the wrong topic. So I have 3 times problems with players who didn't resign in rated game 1vs1 : devilhook vs ninjanad, the 11.04.2021 devilhook vs LordEder, the 09.04.2021 devilhook vs Dreamliner, the 05.04.2021 Thank's to give my points please :-) Have a nice day devilhook commands.txt commands.txt commands.txt metadata.json metadata.json metadata.json
  4. Hello @user I had today the same problem again a player named ninjanad. The gamer leave the match without resign. I didn't receive point. You will find the commands.txt Thanks ! commands.txt
  5. I think these is a bug when the match maker close the window of the game without resign or quit the software normally. Thank's for all, this game is great!
  6. Hello Loki1950, So, I had the same problem twice. I post the 2 .txt files. Thanks :-) commands.txt commands.txt
  7. Hi, I win a game against a player named Dreamliner today. I leave the game without resign and I didn't receive points. It look like a bug. It was a rated game. 05/04/2021 at 17:28 - Dreamliner (loose) VS devilhook (win) Could you check and give my points please :-) Thank's a lot devilhook
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