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  1. Quick update: I installed the version 0.0.24b-1~oibaf~f from ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers that @fabio mentioned in a previous discussion and works great!
  2. Hi! Im playing in ubuntu and installed version 0.0.24~r24155-0ubuntu1~20.04~wfg0 successfully from repository ppa:wfg/0ad.dev When i enter the Multiplayer Lobby i get this error in the terminal where im executing 0ad: ERROR: CCacheLoader failed to find archived or source file for: "maps/scenarios/Death Giant 2.xml" ERROR: File 'maps/random/badmainland.json' does not exist -- I can host games (however no one can connect to my games), but when i try to enter into any game a popup style error jumps saying: This game's address " does not appear to be valid. I tried pruning and reinstalling without success. Eventually downgraded to 0.0.23 and there everything works well. If i can provide more info in order to reproduce the bug, let me know.
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