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  1. Hi Yet again another player quit before losing the game, username is @Swapnil @user1 Regards commands.txt metadata.json
  2. Greetings! commands.txt Unfortunately I've got another report to make. @JackSparrow quit the game as he was losing so he didn't have to lose rating points. Commands file attached. Players should get some sort of temporarily status warning others they are quitters, either that or make disconnection for longer than 2 minutes an automatic resign. Best Regards @user1
  3. Hi I have had 2 incidents where players leave so they don't have to lose points in the ranking. 1. I was playing against @hdonancio and he quit as he was being defeated. 2. Same thing happened with @hunterkilla818 Proof attached. @user1 Best Regards commands.txt commands.txt
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