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  1. .....idiot anyways, WFG can you comment with a generic "we're working on this" or preferably just do something about it?
  2. I sort of agree, as alluded to when I referred to the WFG Bot in the lobby as "over-zealous," but here we don't even need to open the can of worms of "What is profanity?" and I actually made the mistake of bringing this up. Regardless of the WFG Bot's policies and set of policed words, I think the behavior I'm highlighting needs to be prevented—again, regardless of and independent to what is considered "profanity." It's beyond that.
  3. why is it that the "WFG bot" will not allow me to use certain curse words in the lobby in a friendly context with other players (consensual, jokingly), yet this is allowed? if you're going to police for that, at least prevent this. presumably you can use the same over-zealous set of "bad" words for usernames/games too? this is one example of many, many I've come across in a relatively short time of playing (less than 3 months), including several references to Hitler. thx, and congrats on an incredible game.
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