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  1. OK, I looked a bit into this. Pulling the strings into the pot file is indeed quite easy. Patch is at https://github.com/0ad/0ad/compare/master...tbleher:atlas-translation. However, showing the translations in Atlas seems a bit more involved: The game itself works on po files directly (using tinygettext) wxWidgets expects mo files (which could be generated from po files, but aren't currently) I see two ways forward: Generating mo files from po files. Possible pain point: requires gettext tooling, which I assume is currently not available/needed on Windows? Adap
  2. Dear 0ad developers, I'm wondering whether it is possible to translate the scenario editor? Background: my children (4 and 8 years old) really love 0ad (as a world-building game, without fighting) Yesterday, I showed them the scenario editor, and they were very interested. Unfortunately, the scenario editor is in English (which my children don't speak). I briefly looked at the code, and it uses the wx widgets translation functions (e.g. menuBar->Append(menuMisc, _("&Misc hacks"));). However, the editor does not show up in German, even though German is reported as being t
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