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  1. no, i didnt have to do any updates prior to installation
  2. It happens everytime i click on anything, a code will pop up in the corner. i know it was something i changed because it didnt start until after a couple days after downloading game
  3. i dont ever use an external headset, but i do put my computer on sleep a lot
  4. OS X EL CAPITAN, as far as the sound card I am not sure. i havent changed any settings that i know of
  5. im having error messages popping up each time i click on a button or action in the game. i must have clicked a button on my keyboard that enables you to see the error codes. i am not sure how to turn this off. here is one of the many codes i get when i perform an action on the game: [151581.246] error: failed to create initial buffer. open openAL error: Invalid Value does anyone know how to turn this off? thanks a lot! also, the game runs fine, just codes in left corner are kind of annoying.
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