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  1. Are you addict to social media?Do u often use social apps?
  2. iphone because its more convy for work. I work in office and usually need to call and ocmmunicate with many clients online. Plus got call recorder soft and starting to use it without problems when need to record some income calls.
  3. i play games and chat with strangers from time to time. I have already checked random video chat with different strangers. In the future I have plan to meet with some online friends in real life.
  4. I bought one of leather wall hugger recliners on amazon. Because I live in small apartment and spent al ot of times working at home online. So I also need to have cozy chair for working and relaxing, because I often had back pain in past.
  5. Minecraft and others. Plus I suggest check https://veepn.com/vpn-apps/vpn-for-mac/ when you can not access to some Minecraft servers. because I had same problem in past when play that game with my friend.
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