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  1. Yes, I have issues only when hosting, I can join others without any issues. I think I wasn't clear there, so I edited the question to be more specific.
  2. Installed 0AD on manjaro, works great when connecting to someone else. But it says firewall blocked when I host the game. I use ufw and opened 20595. It also shows up on netstat -tlnpu as pyrogenesis. I am using IPV4, PPPoE. I also forwarded the port (also gave permanent address to the host, I have TL-WR845N which also supports UPnP. But neither work. It shows the hosted game in lobby, but nobody can connect to me, they still receive firewall error. Status: active Logging: on (low) Default: deny (incoming), allow (outgoing), disabled (routed) New profiles: skip To
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