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  1. Approval on mod.io: https://0ad.mod.io/castle-blood-0ad Enjoy!
  2. Hi, I've created a mod for CBA style of game play. Lots of possibilities, but this is a start at least. Game play is based of my memory of playing CBA and alternatives on MSZone back in the day. The mod is pending approval on mod.io so I'll post the link once/if it's approved, till then there is the attachment of the .pyromod file. Concept Start with fortress (castle) and some workers to build walls, other buildings etc. Immediately auto spawn a weak fighting unit every 5 seconds. The spawning will continue until your population limits are reached, and will start again if you drop below the limit. Send some fighters over to a neighbor and kill some units, based on the number of kills you achieve a strong unit starts spawning until the next milestone is reached where an even stronger unit is spawned. From what I recall, there was always a balance between being aggressive and sending troops in versus fortifying and relying on defenses to grow stronger. Map I used Atlas to setup a basic map with a Fortress, a few female units, and a trigger point which is required for the trigger script. Script I wrote a trigger script which pulls the number of players and their stats, loops through active players and spawns according to the milestones. The milestones and units were chosen for proof of concept only. If the mod proves to be interesting to others, then someone else can do a deep dive into all the different civs, units, and milestone numbers. Units killed to unit spawned: 5 athen_infantry_slinger_b 7 athen_infantry_javelinist_b 9 athen_infantry_marine_archer_b 11 athen_infantry_spearman_b 13 athen_cavalry_javelinist_b 15 athen_cavalry_swordsman_b 17 athen_hero_iphicrates 19 athen_hero_pericles 21 athen_hero_themistocles 23 athen_hero_xenophon Closing disclaimer I'm not a programmer, and have limited experience with scripting in general. There are certainly errors or refactors to make the script run better or be more useful to others. This post is to see if there is any interest in a project like this and to simply share what I’ve done. I don't know if I have the ability to take this any further with my skill set, but will make attempts if there are requests for features or changes. castle_blood_0ad.pyromod
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