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  1. Is there a way to communicate standard guidelines/instructions to a team on Transifex ? Like linking a Trac page on the dashboard or something ? This is my first time looking into contributing to such a project hence I'm still a bit lost regarding how decisions are taken. If I actually decided to do a French guide and suggest changes on most strings on transifex to match standards, how acceptable would that be ? I'll keep diving into the project and try to contribute to the "simple" tagged tickets for now to further get into it.
  2. Thanks a lot ! I'll create an account on Phabricator and see where I can help. Would it be relevant for me to write a French version to the EnglishStyleGuide on Trac ?
  3. Hey there ! While playing in French, I noticed many descriptions for similar instances (such as building descriptions for example) used different tenses and formulations. I just joined the Transifex team to suggest some modifications but realised that the strings' formulations aren't standardised even in English (for instance, some buildings descriptions are "Train units" while others are "Trains units"). Thus, the question is : should all these strings be standardised ? If yes, through which conventions ? Then, as language differences may bring formulations that cannot be literally
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