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  1. OK my friends! Give up! I don't want to fight! It was just a suggestion by a PhD. student of Shiraz University & a tour guide of the Persepolis for improving your game! http://www2.shirazu.ac.ir/en/node/3530
  2. Women’s clothing Persian official monuments do not include represen­tations of women; accordingly, little is known of their costume in the Median and Achaemenid periods. There are, however, a few contemporary representations in other contexts: on a textile from Pazyryk (Figure 56; Rudenko, pp. 296-97, pl. 177c), Greco-Persian seals (Figure 57, plate lxi; Gow, pl. X/1-6; Boardman, nos. 854, 879, 891-92, 964), ivory objects (plate lxii, plate lxiii; Amiet, pp. 173ff.; Dentzer, pp. 216ff.), the “Satrap sarcophagus” (plate lxiv; Kleemann, pp. 21-­23), the monuments from Ergili in northwestern
  3. Hello Please look at this picture which had been taken from the Persepolis: See? There is a historical mistake in the game. The Persian women's clothing was this. Not the clothing that we can see in the game. I think their 3D models should be edited. Of course, it is just a suggestion to help improving the game!
  4. Thank you very much
  5. In fact, I want to change its sounds, pictures & also the language to the Persian. But I don't know how I can do it.
  6. Hello everybody I am a beginner & I don't know much about this great game. Is there any way to change some data ? for example the menu pictures or the sounds?
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