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  1. Hi @user1 My username: DaveTheBrave My enemy: iroc501 He left the game as soon as he started loosing commands.txt
  2. Hi again @user1 My lobby name is 'DaveTheBrave', my opponent was 'than' He left the game without saying anything Now I feel like I'm the only one upset with those quitters... commands.txt
  3. Hi @user1 my lobby name is DaveTheBrave. I was playing against godmodon2000 another day another quitter Just when he started loosing he left the game without resigning commands.txt
  4. Hello there! @user1 I was playing a ranked 1v1 with user 'UWND', my game login is 'DaveTheBrave'. UWND is a much higher in ranking than me and he told me not to leave the game (he was so sure of his win)... but in last few minutes he said 'sorry, I have work i need to leave' and he just left without resigning... commands.txt
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