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  1. Okay, here we go. Proto-Q should work for Iberians and be more realistic. Some parts are conjecture based on other reconstruction. Mind that I write things in simplified phonetics, largely because many of these spellings are complicated or odd, and also because it's just easier to convey the idea for sounds; Yes? - Eh-sha? My lord? - Ma-ree-dek-tee? How may I serve you? - Tay-oo es-sah? As you wish - Eg-li-ar-ma! Attack - Lam-bot/Ob-dal For my family - Mel-gee-ot too-ah-oh! Build - El-im-bee-ah-eg-ah Farm - Tree-ov-ah cam-bull-ah Mine - Klad-ee-jo Chop - Ser-ah-mag-oh Gather - Ko-brig-du Herd
  2. The Gallic language is reconstructed well enough to be employed for Gauls and Britons. Modern Welsh is light years away from what Britons would've sounded like prior to the Roman conquest. Likely is that they'd sound more akin to Gauls, who's language is closer to ancient Greek and Latin than it is to later Welsh. Iberians would almost invariably be speakers of early-Q (the languages from which stem modern Irish, Manx, and Scottish Gaelic). That's reconstructed enough for this as well (minding I would again recommend against using a modern language as reconstructions of the actual languages ar
  3. I would be happy to review whatever is done though to check for accuracy, perhaps write more appropriate names for units if needed. I'm aware not everything I mention can be done or such though, but, I'll write it up anyway. You guys may have an idea how to use something reasonably in the game that I don't, so nice to lay out whatever information possible.
  4. Big critical studies of Celtic architecture are fairly recent in the scheme of things, in large part cause it's only recently we're finding more in what was Gaul than tombs, walls, and sometimes houses. We're finding larger buildings, water flows and cisterns, entire districts of large towns, etc. Of course, in a degraded state from so long underground, but we're still learning a huge amount. Britain and Ireland were always a bit more forthcoming with buildings, but are more difficult to find lots of fairly well preserved material goods in one place, which Gaul gives up in spades (swords, armo
  5. I suppose a bit more rambling. On housing, and its development and regional variation at greater length than before; Round houses - Round houses are the oldest type of Celtic dwelling, actually pre-dating Celts in some of the cultures that ultimately produced Celtic society. These would be the Urnfelders, Beakers, Bronze Axe, etc. A round house could vary in size, was typically one room, but entire hostels, palaces, etc., have been essentially massive, multi-room, multi-floor round houses, like the palace of Emain Macha. It was simply an enormous round house covered in sod. The British, northe
  6. How would I go bout that? That'd be a fun bit of diversion. I'd like to help.
  7. Oh yes, I know it can't all be taken to account. I just hope any of it may be helpful, any at all.
  8. I apologize for double posting, forgive me please, but just wish to point out of Celts, in relation to ranged weapons; It wasn't all honor. Celts wanted to win. They had families at home. These guys came with slings, and, as mentioned, huge numbers of javelins. 'Honor' romanticizes them, and they were 'honorable', in a sense, but these were also real people. They wanted land, or treasure, for their families. How they got it was near irrelevant. Not totally, but nearly. Ambushing was cowardly, as such, but not totally forbidden (the Irish allowed those of 'Ruire' rank in nobility or higher to o
  9. I just don't wish to be any bother. Know you all must be awful busy. And don't want to present myself as some smug @#$% who whines bout everything. It's just, I feel, some bits and bobs bout Celts might be done better. If I'm any issue, I sure don't want to be, and you can tell me to be quiet, and I will. But, if I can be any help, I'd sure love to be, no cost or nothing. Mind I mostly work as a translater and such, which is a cost, heh. I know this is freeware, it's just, I'd love to see ANY game, ANY, with a realistic selection of Celtic peoples. None do it. I'd happily help with that for fr
  10. Dandy. I don't want to step on anyone's toes or nothing though. However, as a matter of clarity; Celts were not disordered. The Cubi-Biturge Confederacy is mentioned by Greeks. They ruled much of Europe, and they were Celts. Gaul more or less formed out of its collapse. Though, the name 'Gaul' is confusing. It may have been a native Celtic word, or a Punic word (G'L; 'Foreigner', pronounced the same as 'Gaul', and identical or similar to many Celtic words for foreigner; Gall, Gal, Gel, etc.). Most of Gaul and southern Britain was at one time a Biturge controlled territory (their name means 'Wo
  11. I am a historian, focused mainly on Irish anthropology, but I do enjoy studying iron age Celts. Just, some minor little bothers, I suppose. I do like the direction, just, some mentions. You say Celts saw the bow as a cowardly weapon, and, some did. But, some Celts, and some demi-Celts (notably Raetians) actually had large numbers of bows. The Raetians even had a kind of early longbow, and thick arrows. The Celts also used massive numbers of javelins of different types, as well as large numbers of slings. I believe it was a Greek author who said they could actually shade the ground briefly with
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