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  1. Hey there! I have been enjoying 0. A.D for quite a while (I played it for many years but only recently played under this alias and more actively/consistently in the community). Previously I have played some open source games among Xonotics, which have an amazing competitive platform for their players. I am kind of a techie and think it would be a great-to-have thing for 0. A.D as well. I imagine (as a minimum for launch): - a list of the players and their ranking / statistics such as captured by the Ranking bot - a list of game stats of previous games (who played with whom) - a possibility to upload / hyperlink recaps from aforementioned games There may be more things that are amazing (such as: lobby-preview, queue-for-join, matchmaking) but they are more complicated and outside of the reach what can be done in a simple manner in few hours of work. I would love such a platform so I can more easily find replays which allows me (and other newcomers) to become better in the game. I have studied the source code of the lobby and know that is done in XMPP (with custom stanzas). This however is a bit sub-optimal because it would require extensive polling from the lobby server to get accurate stats. I am hoping that there is a way to retrieve a read-only copy of the rating data set somehow (let me know!). Please give me some feedback on whether this would be appreciated in the 0. A.D community, and if it is, whom I would need to talk to to make it happen! All the best, Rahmsauce
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