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  1. Oh, so this is a guile thing again. I don't know what it is exactly, but macports would not let me install lilypond for weeks because of some problem with guile. So it now compiles, but the `binaries/system/pyrogenesis` file is not actually playable. The picture is scaled down by 4x, but you still have to click things like it is full scale. Not sure what is up with that? However not really a big issue, as ./build-osx-bundle.sh makes a fully working 0ad.app bundle. It is just interesting to note there is the difference. Thanks for all your help, it is really appreciated.
  2. Here is the output of stderr after running this again. It is much the same error before, but if you go up a bit in the attach, line 1241, it looks like something else is going on, but I have no idea what it is about. build-errors.tex
  3. That is better, but still failing in the last stage, running make. The first missing file does exist, it is in the folder "~/0ad-export/libraries/source/spidermonkey/include-win32-release" but that might be the problem... I have not checked all the others. ========================================= Building 0ad ========================================= In file included from ../../../source/network/NetMessageSim.cpp:20: In file included from ../../../source/network/NetMessage.h:26: In file included from ../../../source/network/NetMessages.h:27: In file included from ../../../source/scriptin
  4. @asterix those are the instructions I am following. I only started doing other things, like mentioned in my second post after I ran into errors. @Stan` I am running on a Mac 10.15.1. If it helps, my skill level is is that of a fairly competent hobbyist programmer. Right now for example I have Android Studio, PyCharm, TextMate and 5 Terminal windows open, if that gives a rough picture of where I am at.
  5. If I cd to the gnutls folder and fun ./configure then make with no extra arguments I get a different error. ld: warning: cannot export hidden symbol __gnutls_x86_cpuid_s from accelerated/.libs/libaccelerated.a(x86-common.o) Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64: "_aesni_cbc_encrypt", referenced from: _aes_encrypt in libaccelerated.a(aes-cbc-x86-aesni.o) _aes_decrypt in libaccelerated.a(aes-cbc-x86-aesni.o) "_aesni_ctr32_encrypt_blocks", referenced from: _aes_gcm_encrypt in libaccelerated.a(aes-gcm-x86-pclmul-avx.o) _aes_gcm_decrypt in libaccelerated.a(aes-gc
  6. I am trying to compile the game, but I keep having it fail with the following message, and have no idea what to do next. GEN enum-map.i.c GEN smob-types.i.c GEN enums.h GEN smobs.h GEN core.x GEN errors.x /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/usr/bin/make all-am CC guile_gnutls_v_2_la-core.lo CC guile_gnutls_v_2_la-errors.lo CC guile_gnutls_v_2_la-utils.lo core.c:507:15: warning: implicit conversion from enumeration type 'gnutls_certificate_request_t' to different enumeration type 'gnutls_certificate_status_t' [-
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