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  1. Thanks Stan, and of course i will enjoy it, this game its freakin awesome, nice job to all you guys from the wildfire for making such a nice and cool game.
  2. Thanks for all the attention and help, but i've managed to make a small modification just for one single file (unlock_shared_los.json) so the cartography is already researched from the start of the match, the mod its attached down below, fell free to change and tweak it as you want or maybe even add it as a option in the match menu. Its all up to you guys. Again, thanks for all the messages and ideas. Vision_Sharing.zip
  3. From my point of view, enable the reveal map in the gamesetup takes out a part of the expirence of RTS games (like exploring, trying to find the resources you will need for later, etc), but thanks for the help!
  4. I was playing with some friends, and we got a bit tired of needing to build a market to get a upgrade and then seeing what my other teamates see. So i tought: "maybe theres a mod that already have that tech (cartography) researched from the start. Maybe you guys can help me out. Sorry for my bad english.
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