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  1. Right, this information already gave me a lot of leads how I can investigate this further. However I am quite curious about how Javascript and C++ communicate? And why was chosen for these 2 languages? Well I understand C++ for the performance part. But Javascript is a surprise to me. Isn't that only for web? Thanks.
  2. Hello, I've got a couple of questions and I'm not getting the right results searching for it. I found one thing which is a blog about the development of a game called banished. I'm trying to teach myself how to program and well I'm really new to this. One example of a question I have is that when I look at the repository on github, all these different languages are used. How do they all work together? I mean it's "one" game in the end. Somehow they blend into eachother. Or are used in different ways. Also, I'm interested in how you got to make it multiplayer. I came across a reddit topic
  3. I'm running Ubuntu Mate. And the updater that's installed here says it's all up to date.
  4. Ok so I just installed this game and the first thing I notice is a question whether I would like to send anonymous feedback. Which I'm glad to do. However then it says Status: upload failed (301) and that small window doesn't close. So before I start sending feedback this probably should be working.
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