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  1. I think I asked the wrong question I will try again. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to populating or not the buildings both civil and military
  2. I wonder how the garrison feature works other than to train people. eg A house can garrison 6 people (women only) Is there an advantage in filling each house with women or would the result from having 1 woman per 25 houses be exactly the same? Similar for military buildings if 1 person gets trained (advanced) does that apply to the entire population or does the building need to be fully garrisoned?
  3. I think I am getting in to the game a bit I got a cc a dock a number of soldiers (cheat) a few houses fields all seems OK with resources then my population starts to decline I cannot create more women due to this. Could some one guide me on population increase please??
  4. For some reason it worked this time. I shifted the site back a couple of mm and it all came together for me
  5. Hi Everyone, Thanks so far. I think I understand the problem but not sure of what to do. I arrive by ship then disembark the workers place a dock site in the only position available (on the waterfront) work commences then stops due, I think to the workers inability to perform in water. Maybe I need to do some thing to secure a small piece of territory where I can build the dock or find an interim storage facility so that work can continue...
  6. When I try to build the dock work starts but never completes gets to 1of 2000 and stops assembling is it a bug? I do not have any elephants in the game i started.
  7. I am a new at this here is a pic of the third move I made 1 ship to shore 2 un garrison woman 3 move woman. If I set every one to work they all stop with an arm full as they have no where to drop the stuff. I tried to build a dock but failed miserably the only things I can build are lookouts then run out of resources...Some help will be appreciated.
  8. I don't have an option to build a civic centre I arrived by ship
  9. How to start to develop from a ship as there are no drop points and no way to build in neutral territory I just realized I post to the wrong forum should be the help
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