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  1. Let us choose default formations for each unit type or keep last used in memory and use again. I also suggest close units form up automatically instead of every single unit try to go to same place.
  2. I'm not in knowledge of developing or engines but i noticed that actions that increasing or decreasing some number (building/destroying/capturing/repairing, gathering resources, hitpoint decrease due attack/increase due healing) counted by engine at immediate time and right at these times fps are decreased. However in other similar games all actions that changing these numbers counted at a certain time like between a second or two. I think this must be tried to see result. Also there is something wrong with the unit movements in formations and routes that causes fps decrease as everyone c
  3. Last translations in my main language was terrible. I'm completed translates and curious to know if i can see translations in game before waiting game release.
  4. An auto updater like many other multiplayer games would be nice. Forgive me cause i dont know how much work it needs.
  5. It may be better if this game represented on Steam.
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