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  1. I have finally made this into an actual piece of published collateral. It is not much, but as promised, here it is. This is probably the last you'll hear from me, so thanks once more for all the help, and have a good one!
  2. I mostly fiddled around in Matrix3D.h, entirely replacing the contents of some functions with either calls to the Intel® Math Kernel Library or blocks of SSE intrinsics. I did not see any measurable improvement, but I've attached the file. The original code is left intact, commented out. Aside from these completely re-written functions, the only change is the addition of the <mkl.h> header. Couldn't hurt. Unfortunately I don't believe so. VTune Amplifier does have some JavaScript profiling capabilities, but as far as I know they're limited to node.js pr
  3. I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I've finished my analysis. The bad news is I can't really do anything about it myself. After what I found last time I did some work trying to optimize the code, but I found that nothing I did had any measurable effect on performance. My changes caused individual functions to shuffle around a bit (and credit where it's due, the pathfinder did once pop up at the top of the list) in the Intel VTune Amplifier interface but I saw no improvement in the actual game. So I took a step back, thinking maybe I missed something at a
  4. Thanks for the feedback. It may well be that the pathfinder occasionally bottlenecks the application under certain circumstances - but so far we've located a few functions that are consistently eating up the CPU time, so focusing optimizations on them is likely to bring better speedup overall. This is especially true since what I've seen from both of the pathfinding functions, they mostly suffer from branch mispredictions, which aren't really something you can optimize in most circumstances. Unfortunately we have only 56% of players who support the GL4+. @Yves Than
  5. I took your advice and started a very large 8 player map and built up to a population just shy of 300 units. Unfortunately by then several other factions had killed each other off but there were still a sizable number of units from various factions (I know one of my allies had 200+ units from switching perspectives). I then marched a very large force through some trees and buildings and I could actually see the game struggling along at ~5 FPS under the strain of the computations, even without VTune Amplifier running on it. (Also I might have a cavalry obsession) But surp
  6. Thanks @nani! I'll definitely look into using larger test cases - but just for the record, the stated "115 units" is just the size of the army I'm directly controlling/moving. I have other units going about their business back in my city and no idea how many the other faction has running around (I'll have to pause the game in combat and see if I can count just how many Iberian units come rushing out to fend me off when I attack). I suppose I should also mention that earlier (using a different VTune Amplifier result collected under different conditions), I did actually find CCMPPathfinder:
  7. For the sake of keeping track of things, and for easy access by the developers helping me out, I figure I should recap all my findings so far. I started with the code as of February 1st, to which I added some VTune Amplifier ITT API calls to mark frames as well as place user events marking the durations of actual gameplay and the loading screen on the CPU timeline. This was the only initial change made. My designated test case is a save file from a medium sized random Lake map featuring the Romans (myself) versus the Iberians (CPU). My standard test procedure is to select my army of
  8. Thank you for your response, @Itms! I'll definitely try the IRC channel. I'm usually available 9am-4pm PST, meetings and other duties notwithstanding. I'll keep your offer in mind if Legal needs additional information. Honestly I don't expect there to be any issues, though!
  9. Hello, 0 A.D. community! I'm a Technical Consulting Engineer at Intel Corporation, and I need your help. In short, I'm reaching out to you in the hopes of finding 1-3 developers familiar with the 0 A.D. code base to work with me on optimizing your game using Intel's software analysis tools, specifically Intel® VTune™ Amplifier. While I won't be contributing any patches personally, and do not intend to be a long term developer, you are more than welcome to keep and submit any optimizations we make as part of this project, free of charge. In particular I'm interested in optimizing the funct
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