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  1. Is anybody working on the lag problem? Seems to me this is the #1 issue that should be addressed. Or, is this an issue that will NEVER be addressed? Why have the capability of Very Large maps when you can't play a Very Large map with anywhere close to amount of stuff you would want to have going on. I've made several maps that are awesome looking, but when you play them it just lags you to the point of quitting.
  2. I have a map I'm working on that I have some animals trapped inside of siege walls. There is a gate facing inward to give the illusion it can only be opened from the outside. Problem is when I start the match all of the animals run out of the pins through the gate. How do I make it so the Gate's default state is locked?
  3. Thanks, he's not the most computer savvy individual and I have made some changes to the map and reuploaded them to my google drive where he would download them. I'm guessing he didn't replace the old ones, instead he renamed them with (1) (2) etc
  4. I have some custom maps I made that I've been attempting to play with my friend. I've searched and for some reason this issue I know there has to be a post about I can't find. When I play the map in single player, the map works fine. When I try to play the map with my friend, we always get the sync state error. One of the maps crashes his game immediately at load. Can somebody direct me to the right place please
  5. Where do I find all of the original objects for the game? Say I wanted to modify every texture in the game, or every unit.... how do I import those into my software? I've been searching for a day and I can't find a post about it.
  6. I guess I'm looking for public.zip I just found that in the tutorial, but for some reason I didn't get public.zip with my install
  7. I'm using Linux Ubuntu 18. I want to do some modeling and texture changing, to begin with anyway. I'll be using Blender. I cannot find the regular files to save my life. my mod folder is Home/.local/share/0ad/mods. I have the public folder within, but there are no files in it. I have working mods installed to my mods directory. The tutorial is telling me to look in binaries/data. I don't have a folder named binaries/data anywhere on my cpu. Since my mods work I am assuming I am in the right location, but I dunno. Is there a resource some where that contains all of the files
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