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  1. As I've played this game against AI for a small time now and prefer a turtling playstyle I've come across a few minor hiccups that I would like to adres if possible; Roman siege camps and walls deteriorate to Gaia with the gatehouse not really able to do anything about it, I would suggest this not being the case, you can make them capturable if you want, but non deteriorating or making it possible to garison them to stop the deteriorating proces would be the least. A setting in game lobby and world builder to disable deterioration in the map. I world build a bit and noticed if I set a siege camp somewhere for the romans I can't have it not deteriorate to Gaia. My starting level does not really benefit from that so the option to not have that would be greatly appreciated Building per building in map builder would be even more swell TL;DR: Roman siege buildings should not deteriorate to Gaia World builder options for non deteriorating buildings would be swell
  2. So I recently tried to fight as the Roman faction and noticed something when I tried to build the fortified siege camp & siege walls and towers. They all decay back to Gaia. Now, this is not so much a problem HOWEVER. The gatehouse cannot be garrisoned and thus eventually will be lost to either the enemy or to Gaia. So! Either make the gate house garrisonable or remove decay for gatehouses because using siege gatehouses right now is out of the question.
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