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  1. Hmm, you lost me there. I was under the strong impression those files are a whole. Like fxh being "headers" for fx. In fact, if I remove the fxh only, reShades starts with an arror: "failed to compile" and SMAA becomes unavailable.. maybe is not "another implementation" just that the library (fxh) is made by "iryoku.com" people and the calls by reShade.... just guessing.
  2. Please note that individual shaders for reShade are written by third parties. SMAA authors and a trove of information can be found here: http://www.iryoku.com/smaa/ This might be also worth looking at: http://mrhaandi.blogspot.com/p/injectsmaa.html (adds "Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing" to an application) Also mailed them a link to this post.. ;)
  3. Well at least some pressure had been taken off, now that there is an option for the "can't live without AA" people. You take it easy, and when the day comes you wake up thinking "Hmm.. that's a day I feel like the best possible thing that I should do is AA for 0AD!" you WILL do it, and it will be AMAZING :) - "Lagertha, bring us our laptop and our morning meal .. !"
  4. @vladislavbelov : an informed observation, but it only affects boundaries of straight interface elements, and only in some cases, depending on background. In my opinion, a very acceptable trade off for the improved overall image quality. The shader has its source code editable from the game (maybe you can have a source of inspiration there) and can use various strategies, having several parameters configurable by interface - it might be possible to obtain a better result tinkering with it. @gameboy: the beauty of it is that reShade is free and OPEN SOURCE, is here now, it installs over the game in less than 5 minutes (it simply puts some files along the executable) and can be removed at will. Also it offers a treasure of additional plugins and effects, that can be used to enhance the graphics of the game beyond any future development you might have hoped. While no doubt AA is a very important quality feature, this is a free development, and having to do a small customization yourself, is a little price to pay. Not to mention the fun you can have modding yourself.. Here is a short tutorial on how to install reShade as to enable SMAA anti-aliasing: 1. Go to https://reshade.me/ and download the setup. Direct link: https://reshade.me/downloads/ReShade_Setup_4.0.2.exe 2. run the setup, it will ask you to locate the game executable. ("..0 A.D. alpha\binaries\system\pyrogenesis.exe") 3. when asked to select engine type, you click on OpenGL radio button (possibly already checked) (also repeat those steps to un-install if needed, or add new shaders) 4. will ask if to download shaders library, say yes, and from the list select ONLY SMAA for start - click next - etc. it will say that it succeded instalation, and you can close the window at this point. 5. Start the game normally - even start a skirmish session 6. Use HOME key to bring/hide reShade interface from within the game 7. Check the SMAA checkbox, check Performance mode, maybe hit reload. The AA should be visible by now 8. hit HOME to hide the interface 9. Have fun. There are gamers out there reShading every game they have. As for myself, I love the thing, I already install it on varius games to play with Depth3D. A must for every PC hardcore gamer out there - and a wonderful exmple why PC gaming is great. Trivia: SMAA is opensource and was developed at Technical University of Zaragoza, my city. Makes me proud a little. Peace.
  5. Just posted a possible solution to this here: hope it helps.
  6. Hi, I'm new to the OAD, and don't know if this issue had been solved, but since I've discovered this game a month ago, it constantly bothered me to not have AA. (As much as I forced my ATI vga to do it, nothing happened). So, when I discovered reShade (free from https://reshade.me/), it was a no brainer to try and it seems it works perfectly with SMAA antialising shader (tested on win7x64 - select opengl when asked). Also, with reShade you can enable a ton of other eye candy stuff, including stereoscopic support for VR, cardboard included. If someone makes a cool shader preset, just post it here. So, here you have it - hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Cheers.
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