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  1. Where can I find the mainlog. I was looking in the application folder in "Equipo/snap/0ad"
  2. Hoy nuevamente se cerró inesperadamente. Estuve jugando alrededor de 1 hora y en un momento el juego se pegó por unos segundos y se cerró sin ningún mensaje de error. ¿Donde puedo encontrar el "mainlog" para poder mostrarlo?
  3. Si ! Finalmente desactive algunas de las características gráficas más pesadas para el PC y no he tenido problemas desde entonces. Cualquier novedad volveré a escribir. Muchas gracias!!
  4. There is no crash file. As I said, when the game closed unexpectedly, no error was shown, it was simply closed. It has happened to me twice during the first hours of having installed the game. I will try lowering the resolution options, but it is strange since my computer should support a game with these characteristics
  5. Hi Gurken, Thanks for your answer. I opened the 0ad folder but i have not found any crash file. Where is this file supposed to be in the folder?
  6. When I'm playing in "one player" mode, it has happened to me twice that the game closes without any type of error, it simply closes. I have an Ubuntu operating system 18.04 and I have never had this type of error with any other application. I have an Intel® Core™ i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz × 4, an Intel® Sandybridge Desktop graphic and 4Gb of RAM. what will happen? Please, if there is an administrator who can answer in Spanish it would be much better, since it is my native language.
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